Get Organized this 2018 with ToDoist and Carrot

Organizing Your Way Through 2018 With ToDoist & Carrot

Get organized with ToDoist

Simply Blog ToDoist Icon With the starting of a new year, we take some time to reflect and find areas in our lives that require changing or making better, and often we want to become more organized and productive. Regardless of how apps try to promote themselves and their services, no one app is going to make you a Productivity Superstar, but I’ve found that by using ToDoist, I have been much more organized at work and better at finishing projects.

Straight off the bat, one of the great things about ToDoist is that it works across a wide gambit of platforms and devices. From the desktop (Windows and MacOS) to iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch) to web browsers (Safari/Firefox/Chrome), you can use the app wherever you need it and, for the most part, it looks and acts the same across them. You can even use it with smart home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem. In short: it can work wherever you work from.

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Get healthy with Carrot

Simply Blog ToDoist Icon With New Year’s Resolutions, comes the usual goals most people make: I want to be healthier/more active this year. Or at the very least, something to that effect. But let’s be honest with ourselves: it’s a common target that rarely gets completed. But why is that? As people, we aren’t the greatest at reasonable goal setting. Because what does being healthier or more active really look like?? What needs changing?? The wording of a goal like that is rather lofty at best. Plus we need to figure out a benchmark to start from. It can be really overwhelming, plus with all the apps that are available to people to track their fitness or get healthier.

Who knows where to start?

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But with Carrot Rewards, you have a tool that’ll help promote more activity in your life in a more manageable way with the ability to gain rewards for reaching your goals. This app is rather unique in the sea of health apps, even in the free apps department. Carrot Rewards is a partnership between the Ministry of Health, the Public Health Agency of Canada, the BC Healthy Living Alliance, and Social Change Rewards, along with NGO partners: YMCA Canada, Heart & Stroke Foundation, and the Canadian Diabetes Association. At the moment, it is only available to residents of British Columbia, Newfoundland, and Ontario but the plan is to have it be available to all Canadians.

The aim of the app is to help Canadians be better educated and create healthy and manageable changes in their health, both physical and mental, while offering meaningful incentives. You heard me! Along with pairing up with multiple organizations, Carrot Rewards offers its users point rewards to programs such as SCENE points, Aeroplan Miles, Petro-Points, or More Rewards. You can only have one reward program linked to your account, but it is better than having to sign up for yet ANOTHER loyalty reward system.
You get the points/rewards by not just completing your challenges but also by filling out surveys.

Simply Blog Carrot Picture These surveys will only show up in the app and they often take no more than 5 minutes, but their aim is to inform and educate Canadians about such topics as:
  • Nutrition, meal planning and grocery shopping
  • Physical activity and what’s right for you
  • Mental wellbeing and the connection between physical and mental health
  • Low risk drinking and smoke free environments
  • Clinic visits and regular flu shots

Now I picked SCENE as it is a better option for me in earning free movie passes in my area, but in the end, the choice is ultimately up to you. Usually the surveys will give you 5 to 20 points at a time, but at the end of the last year I did complete one worth 200 points! That’s all for this week’s app review, good luck with getting organized this year and stay tuned for more great app suggestions!

By Peggy De Bodt