Staff Review – AirPods and Apple Watch

Apple AirPods and Watch – A Review

Simply Computing Blog AirPods Recently I purchased an Apple Watch as well as AirPods and figured to share my exciting experience with all of you who are facing a dilemma or whether or not to go forward and use these two smart and fancy enough gadgets. Hence, let’s take a close look at the following categories that will determine if is worth spending money on these devices.

Battery Life

I was quite skeptical when I first heard about earphones that need to be charged in order to serve their purpose. However, AirPods are proven a smart investment as they do not run out of battery quickly compared to other wireless earphones that exist out there.


Surprisingly enough, AirPods are very comfortable and do not feel like there is even a minimal chance of falling out of my ear while I am working out at the local gym or doing physical work around the house. If you are an active individual like myself, then I would kindly recommend to adjust them slightly in order to feel safer when you get busy.


I am using the AirPods almost the entire day either at work or the gym, and I’ve found them to be pretty discreet. Additionally, the simple metallic case keeps this treasure safe when I am not using it. Having said that, few scratches on the case must be expected as the material is susceptible to rough treatment. But, by the end of the day, it’s only the case that picks up any scratches.  

Simply Computing Blog AirPods

Pairing with Apple devices

Apple has made AirPods ridiculously easy to pair with any iPhone running iOS 10. Simply open the AirPods case right in front of your iPhone, tap the Connect button on the AirPods Control Center card and presto! You’re all connected and ready to go!Once you’ve paired your AirPods with your iPhone, they’ll automatically be paired with your Apple Watch running watchOS 3.

Pairing with other devices

Even when I have to use non-Apple devices, the process does not take too long, and within a minute or two I am again enjoying the quality and usefulness of this gadget.

Audio Quality & Range

The audio quality of AirPods is better than average but, there are other devices of equal or better quality for a comparable price. Speaking of the Bluetooth range, it is extensive. I can walk around the house without having my phone with me and the same time talk by using the Bluetooth and facing zero trouble. The connection is very good with minimum interruptions.

Ease of use/functionality

If you remove one or both pods it will realize, and the playback stopping works pretty well. Nevertheless, there are times where the sensors will give you a bit of a hard time as they do not work right away as they need a slight cleaning.  

Simply Computing Blog Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Now, regarding the Apple Watch part of our review, the below checklist indicates the main features that make it an invaluable companion to AirPods.
  1. Able to change Tracks
  2. Able to play a different playlist
  3. Able to increase or decrease the volume
  4. Able to view and add new tasks
  5. Able to receive and access alerts and notifications
On the whole, AirPods seem like a small taste of how technology is progressing and a reminder of the technological advance that are yet to come. If today’s products are so advanced and beautifully simple to use, then I cannot even imagine what the future is going to feel like.

That’s it from the Simply Blog this week! Stay tuned for more staff reviews on the latest tech!

By Asad Muhammad