Spring Clean your Mac

Spring Clean your Mac

By Barry Donnelly

Back by popular demand, this week is our Mac Health Checkup with Bonus Malware removal. With Spring just around the corner, it is a great time to bring your computer into your local Simply Computing store and get our Apple certified technicians to run a comprehensive analysis on your system. They will also recommend suitable options to help you enhance the performance of your computer.

There are a number of issues that our technicians regularly encounter when performing a Checkup.

No Storage
This is one of the most common issues our technicians encounter when completing a Checkup for our customers. When your hard drive gets full your computer’s performance suffers. Because there is always a steady stream of information switching between your RAM and disk storage when your storage gets low your OS cannot operate efficiently and this is when you can sometimes lead to your computer being unresponsive or perhaps you may start to see the spinning rainbow beachball.

No Backup
This is another common issue that they encounter and this scares me a lot. Just think if you woke up tomorrow morning and could not access any information on your computer, how would you feel???

I believe that having a backup of your most important information is essential. Given that we rely on our computers and mobile devices so much the thought of losing all my photos, contacts, music, and documents really worries me. If you don’t currently have a backup talk to one of our staff in store and they will ensure you get a solution that is right for you.

While we do have the ability to attempt to recover lost files this is an expensive and timely process whereas the option of purchasing a backup hard drive is significantly less.

No Memory
If you like to run a number of programs simultaneously or even if you have numerous Word, Excel and PDF’s all open at the same time this is going to really slow things down. Each window requires memory to store and processing power to deal with it. You have 2 options either close a significant amount of your windows or if you really need them perhaps look into getting more RAM installed. The increased amount of RAM will help improve the overall performance of your computer

If any of these sound familiar to you it is best to call into your local store and arrange for our certified technicians to complete a CheckUp.