Price Matching & Protection Policy

Simply Price Matching and Price ProtectionSee a better price at one of our competitors?
We’ll match it*.

We’ll give you the best price even after you’ve purchased (up to 14 days)*.

With Simply Price Protection, you always get the best service AND the best price.

* Some conditions do apply—so here’s the legal stuff our lawyers made us put in…

Simply Computing Price-Matching Policy

Simply will match a competitor’s price when the following conditions are met:

  1. Price matching must be claimed within fourteen (14) days of your Simply purchase date.
  2. Item must be in stock at a competing store and locally available for immediate sale and pickup.
  3. Proof of competitor’s pricing must be provided by the customer at time of purchase.
  4. The item must not be at liquidation nor fire-sale pricing, limited in quantity, nor a door crasher special.
  5. Bundle offers (eg. buy one get one, free gift card, etc.) are excluded.
  6. If Simply is including value-added items or services with the purchase such as setup, tuneups or special software with the product, the retail price of these added benefits will be subtracted from any discount required to match pricing.
  7. Price matching does not apply to products purchased on, Simply’s online store.
  8. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day/Week sales are excluded.

Price Protection

Everyone likes a sale, but no one likes hearing that a manufacturer discontinued a product and dropped the price right AFTER making a major purchase. In fact, we dislike it so much, that we’ve created Simply Price Protection to make sure that our customers are covered for up to 14 days after their purchase.

Price protection applies to products whose retail price is reduced directly by the manufacturer for the purpose of providing a discount to discontinued product at point of sale. The customer must have purchased such a product at a Simply location within 14 calendar days of the price reduction announcement by the manufacturer. Claims must be made within 14 calendar days of the price reduction announcement. If the preceding conditions are satisfied, Simply will provide the difference between the price paid and the reduced price as a credit on the customer’s account or Simply gift card. Price Protection does not apply to special order items, including BTO/CTO (build-to order/customize-to-order Macs) or items for direct sale online.