G-Tech Week – Why Choose G-Tech?

G-tech Week Why G-Tech?
As part of our G-Tech Week, we’d like to dig a little deeper into why
G-Tech have become the storage brand of choice for many creative professionals as well as those looking for their perfect data storage solution.
And why do they choose G-Tech? Simply put: Performance. Style. and Reliability.
 So read on to find out the top 10 reasons why you should pick G-Tech for your storage needs!

1) Manufacturing Standards:
G-Tech’s roots are deeply ingrained in offering high-performance and reliable portable and desktop drives. They support virtually all levels of personal, production and post-production workflows with our Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, eSATA, FireWire, mini-SAS connections and can meet any requirement for personal storage..desktop or mobile.

2) Standing the Heat:
Heat is the #1 enemy of data, but G-Tech products are designed with the best materials and design so they run cooler than most others, reducing wear on the drive and further protecting your data. Whether it’s the aluminum enclosure, or with quiet cooling fan technology to draw hot air away and out of the system to prevent overheating, your data is protected.

3) Sleek n’ Stylish:
G-Tech pride themselves with its stylish design.  Whether it’s their award winning aluminum enclosure that looks great next to your new MacBook, or our Rugged All-Terrain Case, you can stay protected, AND look good in any Mac environment…(PC environments too).

4) Work on the Go:
With their “rugged’ Range of hard drives,  G-Tech ensure that you can continue to work efficiently even in demanding environments. Like their ev RaW G-Drive, which has a lightweight bumper that can resist a fall of up to 1.5m. So whether it’s shooting on location, transporting backup files or need protection from a drop or fall, the rugged series has something for you!

5) “Always-on” Environments:
Normal drives are not meant for continuous use, and will eventually begin to fail. But G-Tech’s Enterprise class drives are proven to be more reliable; they are designed for users who work in a 24/7 environment. Their HGST enterprise-class drives are the only SATA HDDs rated at 2.0 million hours ‘mean time between failure’ (MTBF). They are also built to tolerate more vibration and feature special error recovery to maximize performance and data integrity.

6) Designed for creatives, loved by everyone:
G-Tech made its mark in the professional workspace with its G-Raid drive over 12 years ago, and a promise of Performance. Style. and Reliability.

7) Long life warranties:
For years, G-Tech proudly stood behind their products with an industry exclusive, 3-year warranty across the entire line.  Now that 3 years has become the norm, G-Tech has pushed the envelope again with 5 year warranty’s across their top of the line Enterprise class drives.

8) Complex Formats made easy:
Whether you work with 4k, HDR or other demanding formats, G-Tech’s products support HD to 4K+ workflows, which offers blazingly fast, “real-world” transfer speeds, so our customers can focus on their own creativity, not their gear.

9) Mac? PC? You’re covered either way!
G-Tech products are macOS compatible and ready for use with Time Machine.  PC user?  No problem.  A quick and simple reformat, and you get all the benefits of G-Technology drives on your Windows PC.

10) Start to Finish Support:
G-Tech is known all around the world for making workflows simpler, better, and faster. Their products touch every point of the creative workflow – from initial capturing of photos and videos… to transporting and transferring… to editing and final production, G-Tech helps move things forward.

So the next time you need to back up your prized photos and videos, or need to upgrade your storage solution to make your work environment more efficient, remember that G-tech design their products with your needs in mind! Check out our collection here.

by Julia Li