6 Great Thanksgiving Games & Apps

Simply Computing Thanksgiving Games apps

6 Games & Apps to keep the family entertained this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a chance to reconnect with all the things we’re grateful for, including family and friends. To help with that, we’ve put together a list of our top 6 games and apps that are sure to lead to laughs (and possibly eventual arguments) for everyone!

1. Heads Up! 

Heads Up! is the smartphone version of that game from Inglorious Basterds where you hold a card on your head and everyone else gets you to guess what it says. A favourite of Ellen DeGeneres, over a billion rounds have been played since it first launched. It costs $1.39, but in our opinion that’s money well spent since it’s a great game for getting everyone involved (sometimes too much so!).


2. SongPop Party

Available on iOS, Android and Facebook, SongPop is the app version of Name That Tune. We highly recommend playing family-style on the big screen! If your family happens to have an AppleTV (currently on sale), this will work even better since the game gets even more competitive when everyone has their own controller (the controller app is a free add-on for any iPhone or iPad.) Maybe just avoid any of the hip hop playlists if you want grandparents to have a chance of keeping up, alternatively include a golden oldies round!


3. SketchParty TV

Drawing games are no novelty, they’ve been around for a while, but this our favourite because it’s less Pictionary and more Win, Lose or Draw. If you do have an AppleTV and iPad, they’ll combine to let each team’s drawer work easily on the tablet while the rest of their team can guess the drawing on the TV itself! If you don’t have an AppleTV/iPad combo with you for Thanksgiving, you can get a similar experience from the Draw Something app instead.


4. Worms 3 

An all round classic, Worms 3 is a turn-based strategy game where each player controls a set of worms, each with different abilities and power ups. Colourful and engaging enough to include the kids, but competitive enough (believe us!) to hold adults interest too. The mobile and tablet version translates exceptionally well to iPhone and iPad. Using your worms to blow up your opponents/cousins with all manner of goofy gadgets and wacky weapons never gets old!


5. Trivia Crack

We all remember the 1999 edition of Trivial Pursuit that sits bashed up in your parents basement, the one that doesn’t yet know that Ben Affleck now has played Batman too, and makes surprisingly often reference to Y2K. Trivia Crack plays similarly to the original Trivial Pursuit but has up-to-the-minute questions and doesn’t require you to hunt down those little coloured triangles that went missing the last time your brother flipped the board over in rage.


6. Just Dance Now

One of the most sophisticated app setups has been created for a game that’s as simple to play as shaking your butt. Just Dance brings the motion-controlled dancing game to phones. Using your smartphone as the sensor, copy the dance moves thrown your way on anything from an AppleTV to a tablet to a laptop. Or just let loose, who cares about winning right? Maybe make sure to tell your aunts in advance that no one wants to see them twerk to “Get Low.”

That’s it for our games and apps guide to get you through Thanksgiving 2017! We hope the above apps help bring families together this holiday weekend. And remember, Simply Computing accepts no responsibility for family disputes caused as a result of the above games! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

by Dan Daly